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The Face of Keek’s Sweet Treats


KeAnte’ “Kayy” Davis

Owner and Operator

Hi, I was born and raised in the small town of Plaquemine, LA. All the women knew how to cook and bake in my family. As a kid, I loved to bake different desserts from scratch. At the age of twelve(12) , I asked my mom and aunt to teach me how to make pecan "praline" candy. I would always make some just to get more practice. Over the years I got better than the year before.


Going into my junior year of high school, my family and I moved to the big city of Houston, Texas. One day I made some pecan candy and brought a bag to school with me. My classmates and teachers asked what was it because they had never had any. I started passing little pieces of candy out, and they all went crazy. The next week I decided to fill my book sack with individual candy bags and sold them for $1. I sold out just without my first class of the day. From then on, I knew I had just started my first business. It first started off with just Pecan Candy, then over the weeks I added cookies and Ooey Gooey. Eventually, the list grew longer.


 I have been making and creating different flavors of candy along side my mother for twelve years. Even though some customers express to me that I have perfected the candy by taste, appearance, softness, and creaminess, I still find ways til this day to improve it. Whenever I have a taste for something sweet, I get in the kitchen and whip it up. The menu list will never stop growing long as I constantly have new ideas.

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